Introducing PIN

PIN_Collective is an art collective made up of 6 like-minded artists: Corinne Seymour, Ej Montgomery, Bryan Ridpath, Holly Rose Jackson, Lil Cahill & Lily Rankine. We identify as a collective as we are solo artists who produce very different work from each other, we have found common ground when it comes to curation and have now established a platform where our separate practices when exhibited together try to explore and find an ever changing dynamic between these separate practises.

As young artists making our way in the art world, it's hard to gain support and recognition. We came to the realisation that we were able to create a support network for each other. This meant that there was not a sense of competition or pressure, we instead feel like a stronger force.

Our work spans a wide range of media, including: sculpture, painting, video, performance, and everything in between. We all work with the mundane and the everyday, taking it and transforming it in some way.

There's a sense of youthfulness that connects us, an almost cockiness that has come to be expected of our generation, which we play up to but are also victims of. Expect loud, tacky and ever so slightly annoying.